What to Check on Your Car Before a Long Journey


Have you planned a vacation with your family, far away from your residence, and you plan on driving all the way there? In that case, car breaking down half way, is probably something that you wouldn’t want. To avoid this, there are a few things to put a line through, on your check list.

Plan the route

Although this isn’t strictly related to your car, it has to be top of the list. The shortest route might not be the best solution every time, if you want to put safety first. So, first of all, if you’ve already been to that destination before, following a certain route, that you’re already familiar with, it’s best to take that route. If you haven’t previously been to a certain destination, thinking the route ahead, marking on the map gas stations, inns or motels, and even auto repair shops, is recommendable, even if you have a GPS installed.

Take your car to an authorized service center for a free HPI check

Not all of us have exceptional auto mechanic skills, that’s for sure. Therefore, taking your car to a specialist for a vehicle history check before a long journey, is a good idea. Anyway, if you do this, make sure that for the general car check, you request that your breaks receive special attention. Also, cables, hoses, pipes should be verified and some of them replaced just in case the wear and tear has gotten to them.


Needless to say, before a long trip, tyres have to be checked and it’s indicated that they’re in good condition. Also, keep in mind that tyre pressure for a fully loaded vehicle should be a bit higher, so depending on what you’re taking along for the trip, adjusting the tyre pressure may be necessary. On the other hand, on high-speed roads, during extreme heat conditions and for long distances, tyres will surely heat up and may overly inflate, resulting in a burst hazard. Lastly, check your spare tyre, make sure it’s in its place and it’s fully functional.

First aid kit

A first aid kit should not be missing from any car. If you’re going to have one, make sure that it’s outer layout is pretty much comprehensive, that it actually looks like a first aid kit, not like a Chinese musical box. In case, God forbid, an accident happens and everything in the car gets scattered along the road, locating your first aid kit has to be easy for whoever comes to help. In addition, make sure the first aid kit has everything it should have in it.

Car tools

Having a toolbox with the strictly necessary tools for a routine repair, isn’t a bad idea, if there’s room for it. Also, make sure the wheel spanner and the jack are functional and in their place, ready to serve their purpose if needed.


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